About Us


The Story Behind Overfly Eyki

Inspired by young generation timeless style, we decided to create our own line of watches. Stylist and refined, the futuristic design with high quality straps that came to be has become a staple, with truly wide-ranging appeal. A few years on, this design is still part of the fashion of what makes Overfly Eyki so special.

Our Promise

OVERFYLY EYKI has embodied avant-garde, precision and bold style, that have marked the world history of the watch industry.


We invite you to explore our legacy, through our timepieces and innovations.


All watches include one year local supplier warranty.

High Quality

We only use quality movement that last long.

Only The Best Quality of Timepieces

There’s nothing like the right watch to finish your outfit with finesse. If you appreciate the tiny little details in a fine watch, this collection will really capture your attention, with complications and compositions that truly dazzle the eye.

Choose from your favorite luxury brands — or find one to fall in love with — in this collection of luxury watches.


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